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The berlin gesture center is a cross-disciplinary academic network. The bgc brings together neuropsychological, semiotic and linguistic research on gestures.  We analyze gestures and body movements as people speak and interact.


Speaking involves thinking as much as feeling. It is deeply interactive and it is multimodal. When we speak with each other, our hands, arms, head and mouth move in concert. In a nutshell: our entire body is involved in interaction. This is what our academic and applied research addresses.


Founded in 2004 in Berlin, our network is currently spread over three locations: German Sport University in Köln,  Chemnitz University of Technology and European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder).

The bgc is a hub for academic exchange, training and consulting, organized by
Hedda Lausberg, Ellen Fricke  and Cornelia Müller and their local teams.

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Ausbildungen zu nonverbaler Arzt - Patient Interaktion basieren in der Regel auf der Vermittlung von Verhaltensmaximen, wie z. B. "Öffnen Sie Ihre Körperhaltung". Da nonverbale Interaktion jedoch primär unbewusst und in individueller Passung auf den jeweiligen Patienten abläuft, ist die bewusste Modifikation des eigenen nonverbalen Verhaltens gemäß Maximen kritisch zu betrachten.

The challenge to analyse gestures that accompany speech has yielded numerous gesture coding systems that are each tailored and suitable for different research approaches. However, the question of the objectivity and reliability of the coding system often remains unaddressed.